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About  Sam Roberts

Founder and developer of Roberts Geospatial

I am a Geospatial Engineer with 30 years’ experience in C++ engineering for GIS, Geophysical and Scientific applications. I am well-versed in modern C++ programming techniques and have a proven track record of delivering complicated projects on time and on budget, whilst balancing the competing demands of design excellence, performance efficiency, and future extensibility. I have extensive data processing experience and focus on raster technology, satellite multispectral data processing and visualization, LiDAR processing, and potential field modelling and processing applications.

I was the lead developer on the MapInfo Pro Advanced product, which brought a new generation of raster processing, visualization and analysis to the desktop. I designed the MRR raster format, which is a key enabling technology in the product, which was awarded a United States Patent in 2018 (Number US 9877031 B2). MapInfo Pro Advanced won the Australian Business Award in 2017 for Software Innovation.

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