You will find some rasters in MRR format that you can use in your own visualisations. MRR rasters can be displayed in ProRaster or MapInfo Pro.

Global Imagery – Atlas Style Terrain and Bathymetry

This MRR format raster contains global imagery generated from global high-resolution terrain and bathymetry raster data. The onshore terrain data is MERIT DEM and the offshore bathymetry data is GEBCO. The download size is 543 MB. Raster is 1 arc-minute resolution, 22528 x 11264 cells.



Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia 2020

This MVR-MRR format raster contains land use classifications for Australia. You require ProRaster version 2.2.03 or later to view this raster. The MVR contains four classified fields, each implementing a different classification schema.

The dataset is prepared by the Australian Government DAFF and has been converted to MVR format, linked to an MRR format raster. The raster is 50-metre resolution, 80896×76800 cells, and the download size is 93 MB.



NASA Blue Marble Next Generation 2004

An oldie but a goodie. NASA put together this compilation of Earth Imagery from Landsat imagery almost 20 years ago. The MRR format raster contains global imagery for each month in 2004. You can use the Time Control Panel in ProRaster Premium and Scientific to step through the 12 months.

The image shown is for the North Pole – the geographic raster has been reprojected on the fly to a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (polar aspect) projection to show the North Pole in summer.

The raster is 15 arcsecond resolution, 86400 x 43200 cells, and the download size is 2.4 GB. The imagery is stored in the MRR using lossy JPEG compression to reduce the file size.