ProRaster Scientific, ProRaster Premium, and ProRaster Essential are now available for download from the Microsoft Store. For more information, check out the ProRaster product family page.

Master the raster with ProRaster! Create advanced rendering algorithms and export located imagery. Import, prepare, render, and analyze multispectral satellite imagery. Execute raster processing operations on huge rasters.

For information about the ProRaster product range, please visit the ProRaster family product page and the ProRaster family help page.

Projection Explorer is a free app that you can download from the Microsoft Store for Windows Desktop PCs.

With Projection Explorer, you can search for suitable coordinate systems for any part of the world.  The app will show you a preview of the world reprojected into that coordinate system. You can find documentation here.

Try it for free today! Hit the “Get it” button to download and install or use this link  –

Projection Explorer on the Microsoft Store

Raster Processor

Raster Processor is a custom app that was developed for the exclusive use of a major Telecommunications company.

You can find documentation for this app here.

If you have custom processing requirements focussed on rasters or any other spatial data, Roberts Geospatial Engineering can rapidly and cost-effectively develop a customised app that meets your processing requirements.