ProRaster Essential

Welcome to the ProRaster Essential product page!

ProRaster Essential is exclusively designed for users of MapInfo Pro 2021 (or later versions). It is targeted at the business GIS user. As such, it has a limited set of functionalities in a more streamlined user interface.

Please note the following restrictions in ProRaster Essential –

  • Exporting the rendered algorithm to a located image raster is not supported.
  • The Data Transform Editor is not supported.
  • The Data Conditioning Editor is not supported.
  • External resizeable map windows are not supported.
  • Multiple layers in an algorithm are not supported.
  • Opacity components are not supported.
  • Layer transparency and blending are not supported.
  • Event selection is not supported.
  • Data conditioning filters are not supported.
  • Transform raster sources (basing the data-color transform on the statistics of a different raster source) are not supported.

If you require one or more of these features, then you ought to consider ProRaster Premium as an alternative.

For a full list of all the features in ProRaster Essential, please refer to the ProRaster family product page.