ProRaster Essential Updates

Release 2.2.01

This is a minor version upgrade for ProRaster Scientific, ProRaster Premium,  and ProRaster Essential.

Version 2.2.01 includes additional color tables and maps.

ProRaster Essential inherits the bug fixes and improvements from the ProRaster Scientific development, some of which are listed below.

FeatureAutomatically use appropriate color table maps from UserTables, External folders or SystemMaps for common spectral indices.
EnhancementSystem color table maps added for commonly used spectral indices.
EnhancementColor tables added from ColorCET (Perceptually uniform colour maps) project.
ModificationDialogs have been modified to better reflect product purchasing options.
ModificationColor table names are now more discoverable.

Release 2.1.01

This is a minor version upgrade for ProRaster Scientific, ProRaster Premium,  and ProRaster Essential.

Version 2.1.01 includes some important bug fixes and minor improvements.

ProRaster Essential inherits the bug fixes and improvements from the ProRaster Scientific development, some of which are listed below.

UpgradeThe native TIFF driver now reads Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF (COG) rasters.
EnhancementFree versions now display a landing page.
EnhancementThe ECW/JP2000 driver now honours the driver preferences field type strictly.
EnhancementThe ECW/JP2000 driver now supports per-band cell validity masks for continuous data fields
EnhancementThe ECW/JP2000 driver now supports null values
Bug FixUnder certain circumstances, virtual raster cell data and validity could be corrupted.
Bug FixSupport for 32 and 64 bit complex numbers in TIFF files was fixed.
Bug FixRasters loaded via GDAL did not honour the null value specified by the user in driver preferences.

Release 2.0.01 and 2.0.02

This is a major release for ProRaster Premium and ProRaster Essential. It is a first-release candidate for ProRaster Scientific.

Version 2.0.02 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and minor improvements.

ProRaster Essential inherits many bug fixes and improvements from the ProRaster Scientific development, just a few of which are listed below.

EnhancementYou can now report coordinates only as a tool tip in a map view.
EnhancementYou can now report geodetic map coordinates in decimal degrees or DMS notation.
EnhancementYou can now automatically unload all algorithms and data, other than the current selected algorithm.
EnhancementYou can now manually reload or refresh an algorithm via a button on the main dialog.
EnhancementYou can now specify the event time in driver preferences.
EnhancementWhen you change the time range in any component it can be mirrored in all other components in the layer.
EnhancementWhen you change the data transform in the Red component of an RGB Layer it can be mirrored in the Green, Blue, and Pan components.
EnhancementImproved rendering performance.
EnhancementThe manual zoom dialog now defaults the zoom extents to the current map extents, providing an option to zoom and clip the algorithm to the current map extents.
ModificationApp family common resource files will be migrated to a new location.
ModificationProRaster works best when the mouse wheel can be used to scroll inactive windows that are under the cursor. This is the default setting in Windows 10 and 11. To control this go to Settings then open Bluetooth & Devices and select Mouse. Turn on "Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them". ProRaster now behaves as if this is turned on regardless of the global setting.
UpdateMany improvements and fixes implemented as a part of the ProRaster Scientific first release.
UpdateVisual Studio 2022 17.6.4, zlib 1.2.13, libpng 1.6.39, ECW 5.5(4)
Bug fixThe GeoTIFF driver now adjusts the coordinate registration for rasters that have GTRasterTypeGeoKey set to "Point". This shifts the raster north and west by half a grid cell.
Bug fixData Transform editor did not display histogram statistics in some cases.

Release 1.0.05

This is a maintenance release for ProRaster Essential.

There are improvements to zooming, driver preferences, statistics reporting, statistics calculation and storage, and more.

A number of bugs have been resolved. If you create algorithms with geographic rasters as well as local projected rasters, you will find the system handles these scenarios better.

FeatureRaster Information reporting now has an additional mode that generates a complete report with summary statistics but no histogram data. The "Complete" reporting mode now writes the report to a nominated text file.
FeatureImage layers can now be instructed to ignore alpha color data when blending is enabled for the algorithm, allowing layers to be blended but individual Image layers to ignore alpha values embedded in the color component.
FeatureRaster source driver preferences now allow you to offset a raster location in X and Y.
FeatureProRaster can now remember each manual zoom extent you define so that you can easily recall it. The zoom extent is only remembered for the life of the ProRaster Session.
FeatureProRaster can now manually zoom to the range of a polygon set loaded from a MapInfo TAB file. The zoom extent is only remembered for the life of the ProRaster Session.
ModificationCombo boxes resize to fit long resource names.
ModificationCell value tooltip no longer drills into virtual raster sources unless in verbose reporting mode.
ModificationStatistics are now written to a STTX file as well as the GHX file. If both are present, only the STTX file is loaded when the raster is mounted. This improves raster mounting efficiency.
ModificationAdded a new option to assign 87.5% of physical memory to the tile cache.
ModificationWhen acquiring a default coordinate system for a layer or for the algorithm, we prefer geographic over projected coordinate systems.
Bug fixWhen you zoom to a raster the coordinate range of the raster was not being converted into the coordinate system of the algorithm.
Bug fixApplication will crash if you turn off the Red component in an RGB layer.
Bug fixSigmoid darkening transform with absolute value range was not allowing a K value of greater than 64.
Bug fixVirtual rasters containing defined events with a raster source defining the field and bands were not
being referenced correctly and consequently were not being mounted correctly.
Bug fixThe raster tile cache was not being set to reflect the user request on start up.
Bug fixFixed component color data range calculator for rasters with multiple fields and events.
Bug fixPolar stereographic projections were not always located correctly for the south pole.
Bug fixWhen a color table was deleted it was not removed from the recently used color tables list.
Bug fixThe data zoom for an algorithm was sometimes reset when a new algorithm is created or loaded.

Release 1.0.04

This is the final release candidate for ProRaster Essential.

There are significant improvements to the tooltip reporting of raster values and coordinates in maps. You can also zoom the map to a variety of different bounds including coordinate system bounds, raster source bounds, and manually defined bounds.

To make it easier to manipulate classified and image palette field rasters, you can now automatically generate a color table legend for these fields. Edit the legend to modify the raster visualisation.

A number of bugs have been resolved, particularly in the blending operation for image layers, and in data – color transforms using color table legends.

FeatureCreate a new color table for a classified or image palette field in a raster. Use to color modulate by the Index band.
FeatureZoom the map to the bounds of any coordinate system used in the algorithm.
FeatureZoom the map to the extents of any raster source used in the algorithm.
FeatureZoom the map to manually defined extents.
FeatureOptionally report tooltip coordinates in geodetic (latitude/longitude) coordinates.
FeatureNew "All data information" tooltip reporting mode.
EnhancementWhen Publishing, if MapInfo Pro is not running a warning is raised.
EnhancementAdded button to browse for a raster to define a transform raster source.
EnhancementThe Data Transform Editor map preview now reports cell key value in a tooltip.
EnhancementDelete a row in a color table by hitting the Delete key on the row header.
EnhancementAllow opening an external map without closing the preview map first.
ModificationIn blending Overprint mode, allow "Blend with background" to be set.
ModificationIn blending Override, Overprint, and LightTable modes, disable the layer opacity controls.
ModificationUpdated compiler version to 17.2.5.
Bug fixBlending Overprint mode for an Image layer now operates like per-pixel blending (without layer opacity).
Bug fixBlend mode for an Image layer now operates like per-pixel blending with opacity taken from the alpha component and layer opacity.
Bug fixManual statistics box is disabled at component shadow level when overridden in the algorithm.
Bug fixCorrectly support "no data" value on rows in a color table map.
Bug fixFix reporting of color values from classification tables in the information report.
Bug fixFix range clipping when using legend color tables.
Bug fixFix loss of label when copying a legend color table.
Bug fixFixed data transform using discrete value tables.

Release 1.0.03

This is the first maintenance release. One bug was resolved and two additional color tables were shipped.

EnhancementShipped two additional system color table maps.
Bug fixFatal error when saving an edited color legend from the color editor dialog.

Release 1.0.02

This was the first release of ProRaster made to the Microsoft Store. A number of new features were introduced at this release, in addition to the core features that were planned for.

FeaturePublish Clipped. Publish your algorithm to MapInfo Pro clipped to complex polygon set.
FeatureFit the manual data range in a color-data transform to the range of the raster data currently visible in the map.
EnhancementControl the size of the raster cache from the Options dialog.
ModificationRearranged main dialog user interface and simplified the ProRaster Essential user interface.

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