Supported Raster Formats

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ProRaster has a set of native drivers which can mount a wide variety of common raster formats. One of these drivers uses the open-source GDAL library to provide support for many more common and less common raster formats.

When ProRaster tries to mount a raster, it first tries to open it with the native drivers. If this is not successful it will try to open it with the GDAL driver. If you wish to exercise control over which driver opens a raster, you can do so via the Advanced settings found in the raster source editor dialog.

Some formats supported by native drivers can be opened if they are stored inside a ZIP archive. If so, “zip” will be included as a supported extension. Rasters supported by native drivers can also be opened via the “tab” file (if present).

Table 1 : Formats supported by native drivers

FormatDriver NameFile ExtensionFile Extension List
MRR - Multi-resolution rasterMI_MRRmrrmrr, tab
Encom GridMI_Encom_Float_GRDgrdgrd, zip, tab
Vertical Mapper GridMI_VerticalMapper_GRDgrdgrd, zip, tab
Vertical Mapper Classified GridMI_VerticalMapper_GRCgrcgrc, zip, tab
ERMapperMI_ERMapper_ERSersers, zip, tab
BIL - Band InterleavedMI_BandInterleaved_BILbilbil, zip, tab
BIP - Band InterleavedMI_BandInterleaved_BIP bipbip, zip, tab
BSQ- Band InterleavedMI_BandInterleaved_BSQ bsqbsq, zip, tab
GeoTIFF, Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF (COG)MI_GeoTiff_IMGtiftif, tiff, tab
TIFFMI_Tiff_IMGtiftif, tiff, tab
Arc/Info ASCII GridMI_ESRI_ASCII_GRD ascasc, zip, tab
Arc/Info Float GridMI_ESRI_Float_GRDfltflt, zip, tab
Arc/Info Binary GridMI_ESRI_GRDadfadf, tab
Surfer Binary GridMI_Surfer_Binary_GRDgrdgrd, zip, tab
Surfer ASCII GridMI_Surfer_ASCII_GRDgrdgrd, zip, tab
Located ImageMI_Located_RawImagepng, jpgpng, jpg, jpeg, jfi, jfif, tab
ImageMI_Unlocated_RawImagepng, jpgpng, jpg, jpeg, jfi, jfif
ECW/JP2000 – Enhanced Compression Wavelet MI_ECW_IMGecwecw, jp2, j2k, j2c, jpc, jpx, jpf, tab
GeosoftMI_Geosoft_GRDgrdgrd, tab
GDAL multi-format driverMI_GDAL_GENERIC
GDAL OpenJPEGMI_GDAL_JP2OpenJPEG jp2jp2, j2k, j2c, jpc, jpx, jpf
GDAL MrSID JPEG2000MI_GDAL_JP2MrSIDjp2jp2, j2k, j2c, jpc, jpx, jpf
MRD - MapInfo Render Algorithm MI_MRDmrdmrd, xml, tab
MVR - MapInfo Virtual Raster MI_MVR mvrmvr, xml, tab

Table 2 : Formats supported by the GDAL driver

COG- Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFGTifftif
NOAA BSB Nautical ChartBSBkap
Multi-resolution Seamless Image DatabaseMrSIDsid
Grid eXchange FileGXFgxf
GDAL Virtual FormatVRTvrt
ERDAS ImagineHFAimg
First Generation USGS DOQDOQ1doq
New Labelled USGS DOQDOQ2doq
Military Elevation DataDTEDdt0, dt1, dt2

Table 3 : Formats duplicated by the GDAL driver

Enhanced Compressed WaveletsECWecw
Surfer Binary GridGSBGgrd
Arc/Info ASCII GridAAIGridasc

In ProRaster Premium and ProRaster Scientific, the support for all formats in GDAL has been unlocked. This may provide support for dozens of additional formats (although most are obscure). Support for most formats has not been tested and is not guaranteed. To test for support of a format that you need to open, download ProRaster Premium Free and try to open the raster. Refer to the GDAL online documentation for assistance.

The following list of formats has been tested (but this does not provide any substantial guarantee).

Table 4 : Additional formats supported by GDAL driver in ProRaster Premium and ProRaster Scientific

Microsoft Windows Device Independent BitmapBMPbmp
WMO General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary formGRIBgrb
Hierarchical Data FormatHDF4hdf
NOAA Polar OrbiterL1Bl1b
Network Common Data FormnetCDFnc
National Imagery Transmission FormatNITFntf
PCI Geomatics Database FilePCIDSKpix
Planetary Data System v3 PDSimg
Netpbm PNMpnm
Web Map ServiceWMSxml
X11 PixmapXPMxpm

WMS (Web Map Service) support via GDAL

Web Map Services can be accessed by supplying an XML format local service description file as the “raster”. For information, refer to the WMS format documentation on the GDAL website.

A small collection of WMS XML files ship with ProRaster Premium. You will find XML files for Google Maps, Open Street Maps, and other offerings from ESRI, NASA and Amazon. Look in the C:\ProgramData\RGE\WebMaps directory to find these files.