ProRaster Premium

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You can safely and securely purchase and download ProRaster Premium from the Microsoft Store. Hit the “Get it” button and you will be taken to the Microsoft Store where you can purchase and download the software.

Alternatively, follow this link to the ProRaster Premium store website and from there you can access the Microsoft Store. Or, simply open the Microsoft Store on your PC and search for “ProRaster Premium”.

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You can install ProRaster Premium for a free trial period of 7 days! Make the most of this opportunity and make sure the data you want to experiment and test with is to hand before you install the application and start your free trial. After the trial period ends you can return to the Microsoft Store to purchase the product if you wish.

ProRaster Premium is for all geospatial data professionals and GIS users. ProRaster Premium creates and edits rendering algorithms that you can export as located raster images for display in any GIS or mapping application. You can also publish simple rendering algorithms to MapInfo Pro 2021 (or later).


ProRaster Premium builds upon the capabilities of ProRaster Essential and unlocks advanced functionality. Harness the power of algorithms with multiple layers, layer transparency, and opacity modulation, advanced data transforms, WMS/WMTS imagery, data conditioning filtering, and more.


Export your algorithm to a located image raster and display it in any GIS or mapping application. The flexible export tool allows you to output a raster over any data range or clipped to a complex polygon set, at any resolution you specify.

ProRaster Premium extends ProRaster Essential

  • Undock the preview map to display a resizable map window.
  • Open multiple resizeable external map windows for an algorithm.
  • Acquire a full raster value report at the cursor location by double-clicking in the map.
  • Use saved MRD algorithms as input image rasters to new algorithms for advanced effects.
  • Add multiple layers to an algorithm and blend with layer transparency.
  • Use the Opacity component to modulate opacity per pixel.
  • Use data conditioning filters in components to filter out unwanted data or colors.
  • Design and reuse data conditioning filters using the filter editor dialog.
  • Build advanced, customised data transforms for all components using the Data Transform Editor dialog.
  • Explore raster summary statistics and distribution histograms.
  • Export to located image rasters in geotiff or MRR format for display in any GIS or mapping application.
  • WMS/WMTS support allows web mapping service display, appearance manipulation, and export.
  • Support for additional raster formats is provided via the GDAL open-source library.
  • Temporal support – display any time point from a temporal raster.
  • Use a secondary raster source to provide a data – color transform for any component (for example, display multiple smaller, local rasters using the color scheme for a regional raster).
  • Control interpolation settings for all layers and components.
  • Most features of the MRD algorithm engine are exposed and available for use

            Software requirements:

            • Windows 10 or 11

            System requirements:

            • 4GB RAM
            • Multi-core CPU

            Users who intend to work with satellite multi-spectral data ought to consider ProRaster Scientific as an alternative.

            For a full list of all the features in ProRaster Premium, please refer to the ProRaster family product page.