ProRaster Roadmap

ProRaster is a work in progress. Our goal is to make provide customers with a revolutionary raster rendering and processing package, at a very affordable price. 

A variety of improvements, extensions, and new features are scheduled for development over calendar years 2024 – 2025. All future development is shaped by customer feedback. If you are particularly interested in a new feature, or would like to suggest a new feature, please provide feedback to Roberts Geospatial Engineering. 

All new and improved features will be made available in ProRaster Scientific via automatic update as they become available. Some features may also be inherited by ProRaster Premium. ProRaster Essential is feature complete but will benefit from bug fixes and operational improvements that filter down from ProRaster Scientific.

Rendering Algorithm Extensions

ContouringA new layer type rendering annotated, color contours at any scale, in real time.
DecorationA new layer type to decorate a map with a picture or vector image. Decoration types will include Pictures, Text, Scale Bar, Color Scale.
Copy and pasteCopy and paste algorithms, layers, or components into other algorithms.
Data transformVisualise and export the data transform function for any user defined data transform.

Mapping Extensions

Location linked mapsKeep the centre coordinate of nominated maps synchronised as you zoom and pan.
Zoom linked mapsKeep the zoom extents of nominated maps synchronised as you zoom and pan.
Tracking cursorsShow a cursor in nominated maps that tracks your cursor location in the selected map.

Mapping Tools

3D surface renderingDrape an algorithm onto a 3D surface. This will focus on helping users understand the 3D geometry. It will use a flat Earth model, rather than a globe. Specify the extents from a linked 2D map.
Profile renderingDraw profiles across any map, at any scale, and extract vertical axis data in real time.
Temporal renderingFor any point, acquire all data points on the temporal scale and plot as a profile.
Measurement toolMeasure the distance between points on a map.

Multispectral support

Manual scene import templates and batch processingDefine templates for birds that expedite manual scene import. Support batch processing to import multiple scenes.
Support for other satellite platforms and familiesAutomated scene import support can be added for other platforms and families. Please provide feedback.
Harmonisation Combine Landsat 8&9 and Sentinel2 A&B scenes into a single product.
User defined spectral indexAllow users to add spectral index formulas.
User defined processingAllow users to provide processing DLL’s, conforming to a specific IO standard, that implement bespoke processing on satellite multispectral data.
Advanced change detectionImplement more advanced change detection algorithms.
Spatial statisticsExpand the existing univariate statistics to spatial and bivariate statistics. Variograms, statistics over windows.
Proxy curve statisticsGiven a statistics distribution, apply a supplied proxy curve multiplier and integrate to generate an estimate of a physical property over a spatial region. For example, vegetation biomass.

Processing Operations

WarpingGeoreferencing an image using a variety of methods including warping to control points.
Join operationJoin multiple rasters together in a processing operation to produce an MRR. Provide detailed control over the output raster.
Merge operationMerge multiple rasters together in a processing operation to produce an MRR. Provide detailed control over the output raster.
Stitch operationMerge multiple rasters together using level balancing and advanced edge stitching in a processing operation to produce an MRR. Provide detailed control over the output raster.
CombineCombine rasters together into a virtual raster.
Time seriesCombine rasters together temporally into a virtual raster.
VectoriseConvert polygons to raster.
PolygoniseConvert a raster to polygons.
ContourGenerate polyline contours as output vectors.
ClassifyConvert a raster into a classified raster by mapping values or ranges to a classification table.
TransformApply a transformation function (defined as either a mathematical function or as a non-linear table).
Histogram matchingTransform the values in a raster by matching the distribution histogram in another raster.
Space (kernel) filteringApply a wide variety of kernel-based filters.
Frequency (Fourier) filteringApply a wide variety of filters in the frequency domain using forward and reverse Fast Fourier Transforms.
EditEdit the structure and metadata of a raster, the cell values, and cell values by flood filling.
FillingFill holes in a raster using a variety of mechanisms.
Temporal interpolationInterpolate between rasters in time rather than space.
Change matrixBuild a 2D probability matrix of how values in one raster (or at one time) are likely to change to values in another raster.

Core support

Output PNG and JPEG formatUpgrade the imagery Export operation to support export to unlocated PNG and JPEG files.
Native WMS driver supportDevelop a native driver to support WMS webmaps and other styles of web data resources.
Improved GDAL integrationImprove support for the many raster formats currently supported via the GDAL open library.