ProRaster Scientific

Welcome to the ProRaster Scientific product page!

ProRaster Scientific is not currently for sale but is scheduled for release by the end of the calendar year 2022.

ProRaster Scientific will include and build upon all the features of ProRaster Premium. Initially, I will focus on adding powerful satellite multi-spectral imaging tools that will streamline satellite multi-spectral raster data display. I will be targeting Landsat and Sentinel-2 at the initial product launch.

ProRaster Scientific will use virtual raster technology to group rasters together, apply corrections like Top of Atmosphere (TOA) in real-time and enhance imagery using pan-sharpening in real-time. It will create rendering algorithms by combining selected bands that you will then be able to edit and fine-tune just like you do with an algorithm in ProRaster Premium. It will also allow you to select a wide variety of industry-standard band ratios and band combination mathematical formulas for rendering and analysis on-the-fly.

For a full list of all the features in ProRaster Premium and included in ProRaster Scientific, please refer to the ProRaster family product page.