On this page, you will find general help for the ProRaster product family including links to documentation, instructional videos, and training videos.
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The ProRaster User Guide is available for download as a PDF.

ProRaster Scientific supports different satellite platforms either directly, by providing automatic scene import, or indirectly by supporting manual scene importation. If you are interested in seeing direct import support added for any additional platforms, register your interest by contacting Roberts Geospatial Engineering.

ProRaster Scientific supports the Landsat platform, including the following families of birds.

  • Landsat 1, 2, 3
  • Landsat 4, 5
  • Landsat 7
  • Landsat 8, 9

The USGS distributes Landsat data and has done so for more than 50 years. Over the years the birds and instruments have changed. The processing has changed with it, as has the delivery package. ProRaster Scientific supports the following processing packages.

  • Precollection
  • Collection 1
  • Collection 2 (current)

Landsat is delivered as a science product with a defined level of processing. ProRaster Scientific supports the following science products.

  • Level 1 (top of atmosphere)
  • Level 2 (bottom of atmosphere / surface reflectance / surface temperature)

ProRaster Scientific does not currently support the U.S. analysis ready data (ARD), Level 2 spectral indices, and  Level 3 science products. This does not mean you cannot use these products in ProRaster, but you will need to work with them manually.

ProRaster Scientific supports the ESA Sentinel 2 platform, including the following families of birds.

  • Sentinel 2A, 2B

ProRaster Scientific supports the PDGS IDP processing package. It supports version 2.x, 3.xx, 4.xx, and 5.xx processing baselines. The delivery of processing baseline 4.X was a major upgrade and is supported in ProRaster Scientific.

ProRaster Scientific supports the following Sentinel2 products.

  • Level 1C (top of atmosphere)
  • Level 2A (bottom of atmosphere / surface reflectance)

If you have multispectral data from any other platform, then you may be able to use it in ProRaster Scientific by manually importing the scenes. Even if this is not possible, you still have the option to use the Processing menu to manually process the data.

You may be able to download Landsat and Sentinel 2 scenes from a variety of other sources. If you do so, please be aware that ProRaster expects to find certain metadata with the scene that provides correction parameters and data. It also expects the data to be in certain arrangements.