Create Raster Mask Operation

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The Raster Mask operation outputs an MVR virtual raster that can be used in the Mask component of a rendering algorithm. Only the cell validity information is used in a Mask component. The mask raster will contain a single output band that must contain valid cells (with any value) where you want pixels to be rendered and invalid cells where you want pixels to be prevented from rendering.

The output MVR applies an IF-THEN-ELSE calculator expression to the input data. One of either the THEN or ELSE results must be “null” – which generates an invalid cell. You can select data from any inputs as variables in the expression. Those inputs can either be a raster source (which may contain multiple raster files), or a single raster file you have selected by browsing. Raster Mask does not support batch processing.

Raster Mask creates a singled banded continuous field raster that evaluates the calculator expression –


The calculator engine uses strict null handling. If this simplified approach is not sufficient for your purposes, you can always generate your own raster mask expression in the Calculator operation. For more help on generating alias names and on calculator expressions, see the Calculator operation documentation.