Image Sequence Operation

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The Image Sequence operation outputs a virtual raster that contains an image field and an event for each input MRD rendering algorithm supplied.

Select multiple input MRD rendering algorithm files that you have previously prepared for a specific region. For example, you may have a satellite scene mosaic. You have acquired scenes over multiple time periods and prepared a mosaic for each period. For each of these mosaics, you have generated an MRD rendering algorithm. Now you want to combine these algorithms.

Browse to each input MRD file. It will be added to the list and automatically placed in order by increasing time. The event time is acquired from the MRD and reflected in the list. You can edit and modify this time, which may change the order of the files in the list. You can also delete items from the list. Once you have added all the files you require, specify the output MVR filename, and hit OK. The new MVR file will immediately be opened and displayed in ProRaster.

The MVR will be displayed using an Image layer and each MRD input will generate one slide (or frame) in the series. Use the time range controls in the Image component to select each slide and display it, and to flick through the events.