Join Operation

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The Join operation outputs an MVR virtual raster that is a copy of an input source. Select a raster source containing multiple raster files as the input source. Join does not allow you to browse to select input rasters, so you must construct a suitable raster source in the Raster Source Editor first. Join does not support batch processing.

Put simply, the Join operation converts a multi-file raster source into a single MVR. Many of the processing operations do this, but Join does not modify the data.

The primary application of this is to take a collection of rasters that are in a tiled arrangement (or postage stamp arrangement if you prefer) and bring them together into a single raster. In this scenario, it is likely that all of the source rasters will have the same coordinate system, and the same cell size and it is likely that the cells will align and not overlap. In fact, it is a pre-requisite that the rasters all share the same coordinate system. However, the cell size and alignment do not have to match. Where cells in rasters overlap, the order of the rasters in the list determines what value will be retained in a cell where there are multiple possible inputs.