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The Processing menu button provides access to a list of processing operations. Some of these operations produce raster outputs or some other kind of data for analysis, but most will produce an MVR virtual raster as output, which is then immediately opened for viewing in the main algorithm rendering interface. In other words, in most cases, the processing operation will take little or no time, regardless of the size or complexity of the inputs.

Some of the operations support batch operations. In this scenario, there are multiple data sources, and the same processing is applied to each source. An MVR is created for each input source, with a filename that reflects the source filename.

Most operations allow you to choose input rasters by either selecting an existing raster source or browsing to an existing raster file or to multiple raster files. It is vital to understand the difference between a raster source and a raster file – a raster source may point to multiple raster files, and this can change as raster files are added to, or removed from a folder. A raster source may also use driver preferences which modify the way the rasters are mounted by the raster engine. Some operations treat a raster source containing multiple files as a single entity, and some operate on each raster file in the raster source separately.

The virtual rasters produced by these operations can only be displayed or used in ProRaster. To take an MVR to another application or GIS system you will have to convert it (crystallise it) to a raster file in a transportable raster format. The “Export” operation provides this functionality.

Help is available for the following operations –

Export Operation
Statistics Analysis Operation
Join Operation
Clip to Polygon Operation
Clip to Raster Operation
Reproject Operation
Resample Operation
Realign Operation
Calculator Operation
Create Raster Mask Operation
Conditioning Operation
Image Sequence Operation