Multispectral Product Rendering

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In the Multispectral Product Editor, you can right-click on any level in the product operation tree, and the pop-up context menu will give you options to render the product.

Each operation in the product will generate a virtual raster, and it is this raster that will be rendered when you select one of the rendering options. So the product will change and will be rendered differently, at every level in the product operation cascade.

In all cases, you will be offered the option to “Display now”. This will open the virtual raster in the main ProRaster algorithm editing interface and create a default Lookup Table Color layer to display the raster.

If the product, at the operation level you have selected, still has multispectral characteristics, then you will be offered the option to “Render now”. This is just like rendering a scene, and the same dialog opens that allows you to choose the spectral target and specify the RGB band combination. You can select pansharpening and specify the Pan band if supported, and masking. However, in a product, it is unlikely that you will specify a mask band when rendering. Instead, it is likely that you have already masked the product, either by specifying the mask band when collating scenes, or by adding a raster masking operation to the product.

You can also create a rendering algorithm as an operation. To render this algorithm, you can simply right-click on it, and choose the “Open in Proraster” option.

You can manually render any operational level of any product by browsing to the virtual raster file (.MVR) and then dragging & dropping that file onto the ProRaster main user interface. On the “Operation” property page, look in the operation XML and find the “Outputs” section. This will contain the output filename. Right-click on the operation in the tree and select “Show in folder”. A “File Explorer” application will open in the product database folder. Now select the appropriate MVR (or MRD) file and drop it onto the ProRaster user interface.

Finally, you can see a preview of every operation in the product by selecting the “Preview” property page. This page contains an interactive map. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and left-click and hold to pan about. You do not have any control over the rendering of this preview.